THE TREATERS are triplets from the Post Madonna Period, who, from a young age were tossed into the streets to earn a living as artists; it’s their only skill. Internationally famous for designing the KAK (Koori Army Knife), the trio consists of a Cyborg, a Goth and a Monkeyman. The Treaters are both literal, symbolic and ampi-dextrous. Armed and dangerous with hot glue guns they take you on a wild romp for a search for identity. In the true spirit of colonisation The Treaters create traditional space age artefacts and ceremonial progressive V-rock performances with a post punk disco edge. Their latest works were developed as part of an award winning art residency at a western suburbs’ public Laundromat.

The Treaters! Defending quality rock and roll!

“It was action packed!” – Treaters No 1 fan
“Hmmm, I’m not sure that’s Aboriginal art” – The Establishment
“It’s the Aboriginal Mighty Boosh” – Intelligent cutting edge dramaturg
“You can be my support act” – Star Aqua Gallactica
“Wow that’s raw” – Hipster
“Howlin” – Sports pavilion owner

Poket knife


The Treaters is a creative organism that a group of Aboriginal people from urban Melbourne give life to.

The Treaters were conceived in Mid 2012 in order to express our world experiences and develop a multi skilled  art practice combining visual, sound and performance art. The Treaters work acknowledges and explores Aboriginal life in a humorous and entertaining way. This includes creation of light hearted alter egos, that challenge stereotypes of Aboriginal people.

The Treaters is given life to by Peter Waples-Crowe, Anna Liebzeit, Kaz Adams and other collaborators, such as, Margaret Harvey, Steven Rhall, Star Aqua Gallactica, BlixPoxand Blunder and I Don’t Even Know.


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